Who We Are

Paramount Petroleum Corporation is a major manufacturer and producer of paving and roofing asphalt products for the paving and roofing industry.  The heart of our company is our 54,000 BPD refinery located in Paramount, California (near Long Beach). 

We are the largest manufacturer, producer and distributor of asphalt products in the western United States. 

What We Do

Our refinery is capable of processing approximately 54,000 barrels per day.  We process crude oil into a variety of products including specialized road and roofing asphalts, diesel fuel, jet fuel, heating oil, and gasoline components.  The process involves heating the crude oil under controlled conditions until it separates into fractions that meet certain specifications.  Many of these fractions are sent on to other refineries for further processing.  Except for asphalt products, almost all of our products are shipped through pipelines to terminals and other refineries in Southern California.  In addition to asphalt products, the refinery produces transportation fuels such as jet fuel, diesel fuel and gasoline feedstocks.

In addition to conventional paving and roofing asphalt products, the company produces and markets a wide variety of modified and rubberized asphalt products, emulsions and cut back asphalt.  Quality control and Quality assurance is achieved through the operation of three (3) full SHRP laboratory’s and six (6) asphalt quality control laboratories.

What We Make

25%  GAS OIL

Our History

The Paramount refinery dates back to the 1930’s and has been a significant presence in the California asphalt market since then and continues today as the largest asphalt refinery in the western United States. 

The Paramount refinery occupies approximately 66 acres of land located in Paramount, California.  The primary business of PPC is the processing of local crude oils to finished hydrocarbon products, primarily asphalts for road construction and roofing materials. 

The original rated capacity of the refinery was 20,000 Barrels Per Day (BPD).  Between 1970-1976, a second crude unit, with rated capacity of 30,000 BPD, as well as other Hydroprocessing units were added.  This increased the refining capability to produce light petroleum products. 

In 1998, the Air Blowing (AB) Plant was expanded, and the refinery put in facilities to manufacture TRMAC (a patented rubberized asphalt product) and polymer-modified asphalt products, to meet the growing demand for high performance asphalt cements.

Our Future

The petroleum and asphalt industries are dynamic and changing.  Paramount has shown its ability to identify and meet challenges and is committed to supporting the asphalt industry; by investing capital to improve and grow operations, by identifying and meeting the needs of our customers and by providing a safe working environment for our employees.  Paramount is and will continue to be a good neighbor to our community and to the environment.

Paramount will remain a leader in the asphalt industry and will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products backed by exceptional service.

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