Since 1990 PPC has made significant investments to comply with new environmental and safety regulations.  These improvements have included:

New state of the art burners equipment, which further reduce emission from heaters and boilers.
New filters and incinerators on tanks and loading racks to reduce emissions from hot asphalt.
New equipment to reduce use of the flare to burn excess gas.
New equipment to continuously monitor the flare.
A comprehensive monitoring program which measures hydrocarbon emissions at over 6,000 separate points in the refinery every 3 months, in an effort to have ZERO excess emissions.
New equipment to continuously monitor emissions from heaters and boilers and to continuously transmit the information to the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

We are proud that our Paramount Refinery has been named among "The 10 Cleanest Petroleum Refineries in the United States" by the Environmental Defense Fund.  We are committed to maintaining our high environmental and safety standards. 

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